Friday, December 09, 2011


We had a wondaaful time since we started this blog in may. 
But as Wonderland celebrates its first christmas 
here is a little present to all our followers. 
If you click here you´ll get to
Here you can leave your own unique "tree decoration".
With every piece of deco you place, you give a view into what you enjoyed this year.
It doesn´t have to do anything with Wonderland or christmas (even if that would be cool). It´s just NOT allowed to contain any unsafe content. You can decorate the tree with any 
video, website, picture, text, poem or blog you like.

standart deco-ball
(C) by pine aple

Step 1:
click on ..shout(s) underneath this post and go to post comment

Step 2:
enter the link/text you want your deco to lead to
and  the colour you want

Step 3:
enter your nickname at 
choose identity - Name/URL 

a few days later your comment will be deleted and your deco will be hung up. 
if you then click on one piece of deco you will be linked to the surprise this person prepared.
a pictured explaination will follow and we hope that until christmas the tree will be 
completely overload.
we (sookie and pine aple) will also hang up our own decoration... 
the only difference is that our deco is a little fancier...!

sookies fancy V.I.P.-ball
(C) by pine aple
so, everyone can hang up as much as he/she wants! and everyone that visits 
Wonderland can see all the surprises that the christmas_balls hide.
Read you soon,
the dreamfactory

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Heeeeyyyyoooooo <3
Okay guys,
I might be the stupidest person in the universe..SO LET'S START : I'M sorry for.. That I didn't post ANYTHING , because I had lots of tests ,exams and homework  (we all do)!!!
And I had nearly every weekend a competition!!

Now a vid of me ( there will be more..;P)

p.s. I can do it on the high beem now!!!

  Stay wondaawoMEN!!
 thxx to al l of u guys we love u so much!
love dreamfactory!
sookie ;D


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Once biten and twice shy. 
I keep my Distance 
and you still catch my Eye."
wham_last christmas

oh, christmas! stokings, shivers and snow...!
while i´m posting here wearing a superwarm sweater outside natural snow touches the ground for the very first time! i can tick off two of four points from my winter-list (see "Guide for this Winter") and i´m super active on we_heart_it again. ^^
so to get you into the mood for the upcoming christmas time i´m gonna overload you with christmas~goodies.

a super new christmas_playlist over there -->
featuring three versions of last christmas, two versions of all i want for christmas is you, jason mraz, glee, florence + the machine, big time rush, miranda cosgrove, justin bieber (sorry haters -.-°), train and others. so click play, listen and get a super-cozy christmasfeeling.

you can be looking forward to a christmas-special...coming soon
we´ve got a brand-new holiday-like snow-background. hope you like it!
feedback please as a comment!

"But if you kissed me now i know you´d fool me again"

So enjoy the days before christmas
and stay tuned for our big holiday-post!
pine aple

Friday, November 25, 2011

Guide for this Winter

Booo! Hello World & Wonderland
Before i rush of to study for my french test on wednesday (wish me the best!) i´ll take some time for explaining how i plan to get through winter. it had the first snow of the year in my hometown. And allthough it´s industry-snow that makes us all shiver we enjoy that taste of nature.

So here are some tips for this winter so you don´t drift into unhappiness.
  1. Visit a Christmas-Market
    with your friends. Drink some tea, have some biscuits... there´s sure a market like this around.
  2. Bake biscuits yourself.
    Try out new stuff or use the way your granny did it. Then let friends and family be your experiment-guinny-pig.
  3. Go outside!
    You don´t have to make snowball fights or build snowmans. Yust take a walk and maybe take some pictures to look at later.
  4. Make a movie night.
    invite the girls/guys, make a sleepover and watch your favourite movies together.
So share your personal tips in writing comments!
pine aple

Saturday, November 19, 2011


(C) by toeiie
 hullo wondaaful people!
at the moment i´m absolutely busy with preparing presentations, 
making posters, reading books, writing essays and doing other stuff for school. 
but as i am a full-time-dreamer i found the time for a new post. hope you enjoy.

 so i made a little collection of people that share their ideas through the web.
i want to start off with an amazing lady called Toeiie. she´s got her own tumblr-blog 
and the pictures she posts are simply wonderful.

person no.2 is a genius that calls himself Paint. He makes super funny (singing-) videos where he accompanies himself. you might know him from Harry Potter in 99 Seconds.
(C)by paint

the last one is a duet called YUMYUM and that calls london its home. they make designer-toys, videos and much more. they also directed Paralell Parking.

so stay tuned and show us your favourite webpages!
pine aple

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wazzzup, Belfast!?

Before the actual post starts i need to give my feelings words in a short text.
Lady GaGa-Fans better not read on.
Dear Lady GaGa. Yes, you are a blessed singer/songwriter but why can´t you share your awards with the other fascinating women of this planet? I´m talking ´bout Adele and Béonce. They were nomineed for Best Song, Best Video, Best Female and more... But those awards went to Ms. GaGa... Yes I do like your music and No, i don´t like the hat you wore but i was simply dissapointed.
The real post starts here:

"Hey Belfaaaast! Make some Noise!"
that´s the sentence that came out of the mouths of  David Hasselhoff, Jessie J and David Guetta.
and Belfast MADE some noise.
it was a party of the hihger class and here´s what happened:
Acts i enjoyed the most:
Jessie J
Red Hot Chillipeppers
David Guetta, Ludacris, Taio Cruz, Jessie J
Grade for Selena Gomez´Hosting:
Grade for General Mood:

So, i have to say, that SelGomez didn´t do her job bad at all but....well,
for me she also wasn´t the absolute WOW. but this WOW came out when the nominees for "best song" (born this way) were shown... For the people that didn´t see the show: the guest-host for best song got some
naked new friend. :)))

I also really enjoyed the moments with Jessie J onstage because she spreads this awesome good feeling. In my eyes she would also be a good host for the next mtv-event. I was absolutely touched when Jessie started talking about Amy. Amy Whinehouse. And it was so damn wonderful when this man said:
"Her songs were quite a good friend of mine."
So as an ending I have to say that
this years EMAs were just as LMFAO said in five words:
L... M... F... A... O...
pine aple

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Winter Spirits ... in Fall?

A lot of fruit-tea, photographing and sleeping brought me through this long halloween weekend wich lasted until thursday for me. So right now they sky is changing into a undefinable grey and i´m looking forward to another chillax-weekend.

As i havent posted something for quite a long time here´s a quick update:
I recently... this blog: Toeiie
...listen to this song: Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks
...draw nothing because of a non-creativity-break this book: Linger by Maggie Stievfater

Anyway, as already mentioned on sunday the emas go on air and sookie is still preparing her amazing gym-video so you wondaa-fans have a lot to wait for.
When we´re actually talking about waiting... Is it just me or did you also recognize that CHRISTMAS is already on its way? Just go to town and look around. That´s crazy, isn´t it?
If people start looking forward to christmas now, what will they do in december!???

so stay tuned!
pine aple

pictures  taken by pine aple.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The EMAs are coming!

(C) by MTV 2011

Hi wondaaful people out there! 
Bad weather is about to ruin your day?
So what do ya do then? Watch TV! Because on November 6th 2011 a supercool event is coming. The MTV Europe Music Awards.

Bruno Mars, Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jessie J... All of them are nomineed and all of us are to decide WHO gets this years awards.  So go and VOTE for your Star!
The MTV EMAs. 
Sunday 6th of November. 
Live from Belfast, Nothern Ireland. 

The show will be hosted by S-E-L-E-N-A to the GOMEZ, 
who even did a Rap á la Nicki Minaj for the commercial. 

oh, and before i leave. 
here´s the list of people nomineed for "BEST SONG":
adele-rolling in the deep
bruno mars-grenade
jennifer lopez-on the floor
katy perry-firework
lady gaga-born this way
Cheeerio, Mates!
pine aple

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rescued Wondaa!

As you saw Wonderland wasn´t avaliable for some time because we had some technical problems but now we are officially back to life. We are really sorry for letting you be without us for so long and we hope that you still keep visiting wondaa!So we are posting and blogging just as before and thanks go to Mister X. who helped us.  Don´t forget to comment and stay in contact with WONDERLAND.
~the dreamfactory

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Before I Die

Hi Guys!
Sorry for not showing up the last week. Missed me? I had some health problems but i´m getting better. So I´m back to life and back to Wonderland. Anyway... I found a supercool page on the web and it´s called Before I Die.
It´s absolutely awesome cuz it´s a list of things to do in your live and it´s really inspiring. Just visit it somewhen and see yourself. I swear: IT´S GORGEOUS!

Oh, and by the way: 
thanx for all the comments you left! 
They are getting

pine aple

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Had to be posted!

Heyy it's all know that I love gymnastics ( or not ) since I'm doing gymnastics for half my life I wanted to post a video of me doing something,..BUT I couldn't find any :(....soo I'm gonna post a video of the worlds best gymnasts Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson from the USA!

Nastia won the olympic games 2008.
I'm not as good as them but I'm trying hard....I will make a video of me soon and I will post it in the next week hopefully..!

And tell us what you think about our new design and the Bla Bla Box!
with love sookie

Friday, October 07, 2011

Blogger & the Beast

© MAC - Venomous Villains, 2010
"Rain is only 
Liquid Sunshine
by my music teacher

Uff, another week is done and another autumn rain-session has started but who cares!? Weather doesn´t matter in Wonderland! Anyway... when exploring the web some time ago i found that there is
a disney-make-up-line!
And NO it´s not about disney princesses, it´s disney-bad-boys and bad-girls!
And MAC which did this fashion line together with disney didn´t forget to add my absolutetly favourite bad-boy: 
Dr. Facilier 
from The Princess and the Frog. So, yes my heart is beating faster when i see this guy and his voodo-stuff. But a fact that really impresses me: his fingers are just as long as mine are!!! O_o
© MAC - Venomous Villains, 2010

And as we are just talking about awesome things: Did you recognize the iPod on the left?
I just did a first wondaa-playlist but i want YOU to decide on the songs for the next one. So which tunes do you wanna hear on Wonderland soon? Just wright a comment and tell me! So maybe soon your favourite song will be listenable on Wondaa!
(and if anyone is interested: you can mix your own playlists here.)

So I think this is all I wanted to write (at least that´s everything i remember ^_^).
Don´t drown in your tea and never forget how to get to Wonderland.
~pine aple

pages u might like:

Monday, October 03, 2011

This & That & More

 ------- vespa found at town----------------------------------teatime---------------------------------------------city snapshots-------

Hullo out there (*sniff*)!
At the moment i´m  a.) breathing through my mouth because my nose is buisy with sneezing  b.) premier vegitarian and proud of it  
c.) listening to male versions of someone like you by adele constantly.
uhm...yeah, please don´t ask how i came to the last one but however i really found one dude that puts so much emotion in this song that i just HAD TO upload him.

someone like you by FeelTheMusic9

so, yeah as already mentioned i´ve got an absolutely annoying cold but well...
that´s life. that´s  
oh, and i recently started eating vegie (but i still eat fish)
and i´ll try to hold this as long as possible.
a friend of mine managed half a year.
my mum did about two years... so that are quite big numbers. :)
anyway, read you soon.
stay green,
~pine aple!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fashion Confusion

It´s me! And today I´m gonna talk a little about Fashion . 
So at the moment there are two huge trends, that really impress me. 
The first one has to do with hollywoods´neverending summer. 
The RayBan-Fever. 
So because stars even wears sunglasses at night this trend didn´t pass any of them! 
Emma Watson, Beoncé, Rob Pattinson... 
They all wear RayBans. And did you ever google those glasses? 
83.000.000 entries! 
That means the web finds more about RayBan-Sunglasses 
that you can find about Queen Elizabeth II (34.100.000 entries)!

And the second Style i really adore is the 
College-Jackets, Stockings, OXFORD SHOES!!!
That stuff doesn´t fit me but i
wonder how some people seem like they were 
born for those clothes!
So stay green, 
keep on being silly and 
don´t  eat too much pancakes!
pine aple

pictures not owned by the dreamfactory. but found here:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back 2 school..!

Heey guys, I had the idea of posting a video"how to be organized in school"! :p

So I hope u like it and this video is from youtube, I found it when I was searching for videos and I think this is a really helpfull video!!!

                                                                   read you soon ~sookie

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feel Good

Hi wondaaful People!
uh, that was a long week, huh? i think now i´m officially back to school. 
Homework, learning for revisions... oh how i missed these things. ^^
Especially my afternoon lessons keep me being tired in the last time. It seems like i go to bed completely tired and being even more tired when waking up. However after a week full of interesting art-projects, some cold super-market-stuff for meal, long tram-drives and loads and loads of words i´m now looking forward to a weekend of sleeping, gorillaz-music and getting better. Also good thoughts go to the half of my family and the quater of all my friends that caught a cold. Get better soon! ^3^

Oh, and guys! Guess which brilliant movie came out on DVD now!? yes, exactly! it´s

i saw it at the movies and LOVED it. it has this super carneval-holiday-flair! 
So i´m planing to add RiO to my animated-movie collection at least until christmas. 
And, NO, i´m not to old for animated movies! you never are! 
My collection until now consists of Rattatuille 
The Princess and the Frog
and Tangled
I still wanna add a DVD of Despicable Me just because i love this movie. :)
so i leave you with some GORILLAZ-tunez:
So, i wave you goodbye and read you soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

♥Autumns Prelude

"My favourite Fragrance is the way it smells on a 
Autumn-Day in New York"
by andy warhol

autumn-based daydreams
Dear Summer,
I´ll truly miss your hot summer days and short summer-rain-sessions
but to be true... that´s a total lie. 
If seasons were persons my boyfriend would be autumn!
I simply LOVE those foggy mornings, long cozy evenings and those absolutely relaxing thunderstorms. To make it clear: 
i. like. autumn. :3

school-based disorder
oh, and then there´s the thing with school. yes, we are back to school 
but that doesn´t mean that we are back to school life immediately. 
standing up at 6 a.m. and going by bus & tram causes disorder in my mind... 
and in my room. :) Uh... yeah, see it yourself.

manga-based exitement
oh, you cannot imagine how happy i was when i came into my favourite 
bookshop and saw that the doubled the amount of manga-comics they sell! 
for a comic and animation-freak like me this is paradise! ^3^

so i´m off! enjoy the beginning of autumn. 
it will pay off! i leave you with some tunes 
by the swiss band "BOY" (it´s made up of two girls :D).
Stay green, 
pine aple 

photos taken by pine aple. 
"BOY"-picture not owned by the dreamfactory. 
frames from

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And you thought Life is easy

Do you know those days of hanging around at places
you thought they would make you
Do you know  those days of knowing that you are absolutely disappointed and you know that you simply had to
o high expectations?
Do you know those days that want to tell you how beautiful life is but everything you hear seems like a
Do you know those days you want to cry even though  because nothing happened?
Those days that make you wish you had a box around your head that made you invisible?
Those days that make you lay in your bed with your
iPod and the songs
you´ve heard much too often and the book that will reach it´s end much too soon?
Because those days make you human.
Because you know someday
 is going to come
and make those days to the
most beautiful hours of your entire life.
Because you are unique.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


as i wave my holiday goodbye and enjoy my last days as 
"free girl" i´m quite proud to show you some
new sketches of mine.
some time ago i managed to let the fashion-designer in me break through.
and, uh... yeah, here´s the product: some sketches of stuff, that no normal person beside me would wear :) by the way, sorry for the WORST quality of pictures wonderland has ever seen, but it´s not that easy to load up pencil-sketches.
i hope you still like them and i shut up now so you can look at my pictures without being anoyed by my unimportant blabla.
seeya! pine aple.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


How can something wonderful 
like Chocolate be a sin?

just another chocolate-berry-cake

How can something wonderful 
like Chocolate NOT be a sin?


pine aple
pictures (C) by pine aple

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Some thougts of mine.!

When your stressed you eat ice cream,cake,chocolate & sweets.!
WHY? because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS! :D

A friend is the person who knows all about you and still loves you <3

Everybody has a weekness,
but I have 2 everything you say & do!


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

BrainFood 2

Here are the promised Photos from the "BrainFood"-Post.

by pine aple

Summer Memories

Oh, damn... What a summer!
I did soo much and saw such a lot and, gosh, there is so much to tell, but pictures are my favourite language. (yes, i know i spelled that word wrong. -.-)
So i collected loads of photographs (more than twohundren just since augusts´begining) and some of them i HAVE TO share here.

Frozen rasberries, Sunsets, oversized Playmobil-Figures and loads of Makros (makro = opposite of mikro). There´s a little bit of everything. :) And a tiny part of them are visible here. If anyone is interested in more pics, please just tell me via a comment, okay?

So finally summer is nearly over, and because nothing happens to be forgotten here are some songs that will always remind me of this summer.

Seeya, Kisses,
pine aple

all of these photos got taken on different different moods but none of them is here to be copied.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Ten things to do in your Life

1. Love someone

2. Drown in your own sorrow

3. Stand up again and start living

4. Tell someone you need him without crying

5. Just have fun!

6. Fail.

7.Eat sweets ´till you think you forgot about HIM.


8. Make your dreams come true.

9. Forget about the money.

Fotos do Mural

10. Find your way to Wonderland.


pictures from
by pine aple and a very special girl that should´t be named here.