Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Bowl of Life

The Teacher put a large bowl in front of his students without saying a word.
First he filled in some 
golf balls.
Then some smaller 
polestyrene balls
and then some 
And at last he filled up the spare space in the bowl with 
"So, what do you see here?", he asked his students.
Nobody anwered.
"First we have the golf balls. Those are the important things in life. 
The big things, but there are not so much of them.
Then we have the smaller balls. That are the smaller things in life. They seem not to be that important, but if you forget about them you can´t fill the whole bowl. 
And then there is the sand. The tiny things in life that fill our day. But if you fill in the sand first you won´t have any space for the golfballs left,  
you see?",
the teacher said.
"And what is the coffee for?", one of the students asked.
The Teacher smiled. "The coffee should remind you of the fact, that there is 
always time for a cup of coffee!"
this is a text that I found on someones myspace-page, but I don´t know where it´s originally from. 
However, it´s still so true. :)
pine aple

Monday, June 20, 2011

Drama, Baby, Drama!

Here´s something you might do when you´re bored.
Say: "I don´t dance!"
  • Say it as if you were angry
  • Scream it
  • Say it as if you were crying
  • Say it as if thousands of people were listening to you
  • Sing it
  • Say it as if you were jumping from a bridge
  • Say it as if you were drowning
  • Say it as if you would say "I love you!"
  • Say it as if you were Barbie
  • Say it as if it was a lie
  • And now tell yourself that you do nonsense in saying all those phrases.
So, I have to go!
I still have to learn something by heart for my Drama-Lesson.
pine aple 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Songs Coming soon

Here´s a little preview of some new songs/song that will be out soon and 
some thoughts where I might have already heard this sound.


1. Rihanna_California King Bed
Yes, this is Rihanna even though she sounds alot like P!nk.
Somehow I miss the danceable beats and the caribic feeling her songs normaly spread out... 
But it´s still no bad song.

2. Katy Perry_Last Friday Night
Yeah, something new from miss Teenage Dream!
But to be honest, for me it sounds very similar to Teenage Dream and California Gurls.
Is this really the singer that sung I kissed a Girl


3. Lady Gaga_The Edge of Glory
Yay! Some more Gaga! And allthough it´s slightly different to what she did in the last time the sound is quite similar to Just Dance. But there´s nothing wrong with that. And if you have time you should check out the song The Edge of Heaven by WHAM and see if you find some Glory in it. :)

pine aple

Thursday, June 16, 2011


No, I didn´t know myself what clairefontaine is but some hours ago I found out. It´s a company that is making paper... But on their webpage I saw how beautiful paper can be :)
 For example the booklets on the left-so simple but soooo cute! From my point of view they are even too neat to write on. They even make pictures to colour! So maybe next time don´t hate your paper, now as you know how great it can be! *lol*
Sooo, seeya!
pine aple
Pictures from

Monday, June 13, 2011

Art-Blogs that I recommend

Wow...I´m kinda absent-minded today...Maybe because I´m still a little tired of all the barbie-movies my sister was watchin´all morning long. However today I wanted to recommend you some art blogs. So here they are:

It is the blog of an awesome Character-Designer that I really like.
His work is absolutely worth seeing. So get a PAPERWALKER!

The page of a Mangaka that knows what she´s doing.
Bright colours, nice blog.

Blog of the A. P├Ątzke, the artist of the Kulla-Books.
Even though I´m maybe a little to old for Kulla a poster of her is hanging over my bed :)
Visit the Fairytale!

So have fun in visiting those blogs-and don´t stop visiting our blog!
pine aple

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fruits Basket

Strawberry...awesome. Cherry...outta a fairytale. 
Melon...gorgeous. a dream.
Yeah, I love fruits! I really do! At the moment I would do everything for some strawberries! And a picknick is something else I would love to do now. :))))
Only problem: it´s raining. :( So I´ll have to lay inside in my hammock.However, I still have to show you something. In my last post I mentioned a song called wonder why and I found the theme melody again at the intro of another 70ies song! Strawberry letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson. Enjoyy, pine aple.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Music Tipps! What else!?

Soo... even though I guess I´m already getting on your nervs with all my music tipps here are two more (Yeahh... I know there´s no exuse for beeing a music freak...).
The first one is for a song by adele called set fire to the rain. As a lot of my friends (sookie including) really like this song some of them are gonna sing it at a summer festival and one of them had... a kinda "singing hour" with me :) However we had loads of fun and I simply had to share this song with you.

The second song is called wonder why and is sung by julian peretta, a singer that was quite unknown to me before this single. I really adore it at to me it seems like spreading a summer-atmosphere and making a good mood. ^^ hope u like it,
pine aple

Friday, June 03, 2011

Mermaids, Pirates and Barbossas right Leg

Short feedback to the 4th part of Pirates of the Caribbean:
I saw this movie some weeks ago with some friends (one of them looks like penelope cruz) and I really liked it. A lot of black make up, storms and MERMAIDS!
I liked Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, but the real stars for me were the mermaids.
I would love to see the lovestory of the preacher and the mermaid again. Every time both of them appeared on the screen, I sat streight again. :) So all in all I would really recommend this movie and would like to see it once more.
Have fun in watching the trailer!
Ayy, pine aple

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Music Tipp: Rolling in the Deep by JOHN LEGEND

An acapella cover of adeles "rolling in the deep".
I used the "replay"-button a hundred times.
pine aple

Summer Nails

Pine aple is back.
(Sorry that I didn´t post anything for so long. My computer wasn´t working.)
As I already mentioned summer has come. And one of the best things in summer is
It doesn´t matter in what colour! I love it all!
Especially for you we added some nail-art-tutorials to our videos
and especially for you here is some inspiration for your finger tips!