Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BrainFood ♥


Hey wondaaful ones!
there above we should actually have a picture of a sellfmade (!) fruit-cake...
but as i´m not at home and someone
[Hint: "someone" means ME]
forgot the connection-wire at home you´ll have to wait for about a week. Meanwhile you have the pleasure to look at this camera-cake. (Viva la Weheartit.com!)
However... At the moment i´m really into cooking baking beautiful cakes but my problem is that i´m not able to do anything, that looks good and tastes okay... Maybe exept this fruit-cake.
Around June me and a friend tried ourselves in doing cupcakes
(again) and i have to say they looked gorgeous! The first time we did some cupcakes they got burnt...
 The second time we put in too much baking soda/baking powder.
 This time all the people that tried them got a sugar shock.
But like always they smiled and said they are great. :)
But it was still great fun.
by the way, do you know this feeling, when everything you can think of
is how lovely this life is and how stupid you are?
uh, or was it the other way around?

so like i already said pictures are following.
pine aple

However, here are some randomly taken songs for you.
(some are quite crazy) 

Sunrise Avenue ~ I don´t dance
"I don´t dance cuz tonight you love somebody,

somebody new...!"

Florence and the Machine ~ Drumming Song
"Louder than silence and louder than bells.

Sweeter than heaven and harder that hell...."

Band of Skulls ~ Patterns
"There´s one for the sorrow and two for the joy

and three for the girls and four for the boys..."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frozen Rasberries and Paloma Faith

I hope you are fine and i hope you missed my AWESOME posts :)
however, here´s another super-cool music-artist called Paloma Faith. Listen to her and enjoy!

By the way, have you ever tried frozen rasberries?
they taste great and they are a healthy alternative to icecream. :)
pine aple

Friday, August 19, 2011

Paris Paris...!

This is the song Paris Paris from Klimmstein ft Joe Summer!
i like it hope u do to!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shake it!

Today me and the Dreamy person had some drawing
and here´s what came out.
hope you like it
~pine aple

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My selfmade frozen jogurt..!

Today I tried to experiment in the kitchen - cuz we didn't have any ice-cream at home, I decided to make FROZEN JOGURT!!
I think that it looks ok.......and it tastes really great!!
This is the result of my cooking skills! :D

[picture by sookie]

To all Beonce-Fans

On 4th September we will all watch the video of her single "Single Ladies" in honor of her 30th birthday. Let's give her the best birthday present ever: The highest viewed video on YouTube!! Let's give her what she deserves!!!
Copy and paste to all of Beyoncé's videos and all music videos simply EVERYWHERE1
let's get this noticed

´~pine aple

1000 KLICKS!!!!

oh, gosh we passed the 1000 views mark!
thanx for visiting wonderland, guys.
you´re awesome!
pine aple


WOAH! That was my first reaction when i explored the homepage of Bobsmade. [Klick to view] The people that work at Bobsmade customize shoes, headphones, caps and many more things for their customers. They are all coloured by hand and so every piece is absolutely unique. You can tell them what colours you like and what themes you´d like to have on your piece of art. Then they colour it for you. You can also buy T-shirts, buttons and pictures. Simply go to their page and look around. You´ll love it. Oh, and by the way, bobsmade also makes stuff for guys. Sorry for just uploading pictures of girl-stuff.
~pictures and font by bobsmade.

Marilyn Monroe..!


That's Marilyn Monroe.......i really like her i think she looks pretty.!She always poses really cool !My favourite one is the one with the dress!(she holdes it because wind is blowing......                                                           ~sookie<3

Friday, August 12, 2011


Heey guys,.....I'M back from my vacation.It was sooo great there,and really hot!:P
I'm happy to be back home and  from now on you will hear more from me!;))

It didnt look that pretty  :) but still the sea was like this!!
~sookie <3

Me & my Pen

Some of my friends might recognise this box up there. 
Some weeks ago it was transparent. You wanna know what happened?
You know, I was bored and I saw this permanent marker a friend gave to me laying around and some time later... 
It looked like that. :) Hope you like it.
~pine aple

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Home, sweet Home! So i´m back again from my holiday-trip and at least for a few days I´ll have a lot of time to post stuff. Coming up are some new self drawn pictures, another web tip and a lot more. However (gosh i need to stop using this word that often) i´m at home... even though we had some...uh, problems along the way. Our GPS told us to drive down a one-way-road that lead to a cementury (= the place where people are burried)... Spookie, huh? ;D Now, how did you like doodlez? I really love that little guy... I even tried to draw some of my friends in doodlez-style.
Stay tuned!
pine aple
picture owned by pine aple

Friday, August 05, 2011


 ~pine aple