Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crossing Wonderland

Yayy! As I managed to put my selfmade pictures on my pc i can now start showing you my selfdrawn and selftaken pictures.
The first one outta my little gallery is called crossing wonderland. The girl visible is a mix out of the mad hatter, alice and the white rabbit. I would have loved to bring in a little bit of the red queen in it but i didn´t manage to. e was drawn with coloured pencils and paint-marker. I spent about four hours for sketching colouring...  I´m really sorry for the bad quality but i hope you like it. 
pine aple

(C) 2011 by pine aple. Picture& Text owned by pine aple/wonderland.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi, it´s me again and today I wanna give some more music tipps to you but today there are (wonderful) german songs. The first one is called "Nur noch kurz die Welt retten" ("Just a moment, I need to save the world") and its artist tries to say that people today have too much stress. The video is simply wonderful and the song is so totally relaxing. :3

The second one is sung by Andreas Bourani and is called "Nur in meinem Kopf" 
("Just in my head") and tells about dreams and a lot of other stuff i can´t list here.
I also love the name of his album "Staub und Fantasie" ("Dust and Fantasy").

So have fun in listening and watching this beautiful videos.
pine aple

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Dreams

pictures not owned by wonderland 
but texts written by pine aple
 to be continued... now
So now as i uploaded the pictures i still have to say hi! as you might have seen i was away for a week but now i´m back! :DDD I feel a little sick, i´m absolutely tired but beside this my brain is still working perfectly (well, at least as good as before xD).
So here´s just something that got me thinking:

And by the way, here´s my new wallpaper for my PC:
pine aple
P.S.: sorry for this flood of pictures. ;3
i simply love to share beautiful stuff with you, our dreamteam!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

From bad to cursed..

This is the Title for a new book from Katie Alender.
It´s about the sunshine-club and about beeing and looking PERFECT.!But it´s also scary...
This is the trailer for the book ,.....hope u like it.<3

The girl in the trailer is Zendaya.She plays one of the main-caracters in a new disney show called Shake it up.
She plays Rockey and her best friend is called CeCe.(On the show at least.:D)

                                                                          ~ sookie

Read you soon!

with this post i say goodbye for a week. i´m going on a summer camp and i´m comming back next sunday. meanwhile sookie will look after wonderland. maybe i´ll be on tomorrow but probably not. 
so i hope you´ll miss me.
pine aple
[pictures from, design by pine aple]

Broomsticks, Battels & Bellatrix´ Wand

Here´s a short feedback to the very last part of Harry Potter.
I watched it two days ago and when I came out of the cinema i was just like saying "Gosh, it´s over!" all the time. All in all very much in HP stayed the same. Rupert Grint still fits so fabulous to Rons character, Tom Felton still looks so good allthough everyone hates Malfoy and the characters of Prof. McGonnagal and Neville still are so awesome.
In the last movie nearly everyone gets one last moment onstage 
(exept ginny which maybe dissapeared a little to less and was just visible as the girl who loves harry).
however it has great special effects, no bad story and really good dialogues.
they made alot out of what could have been just one battle. and one of the most touching moments for me were when whole hogwarts fighted hand in hand. one for all.

so have fun in looking at the trailer (or even the movie)
and stay tuned,
pine aple

Friday, July 15, 2011

About Haircuts...

It doesn´t matter what´s IN your head as long as there´s something beautiful ON your head, some wise guy said once. and here´s another example for that. when looking at shakiras music-video to rabiosa i first of all missed her blond hair and then i had to think of another artist called nadine beiler. she sang a the eurovision songcontest this year for austria. :)
funny coincidence, huh?
pine aple
P.S.: Feedback on the last Harry Potter-movie following tomorrow.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Jedward is a singer-duo from Dublin...... The 2 irish boys called John and Edward are twins and are now
 really famous.....: D...I first saw them on the TV show eurovision song-contest,there they performed with the song Lipstick. You can  easily remember them with their funky hair cut and their extraordinary outfits.:P

Their music style is pop. Here's their 1st song Lipstick.........:PP
Well I think they look extraodinary..:DD

Hope you like them.<3



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Positive Energy

This post is about positive energy and was written by an optimist.
If you read on you HAVE TO smile after reading it.

some time ago i read an article (i guess it was in the TIME-magazine) called the sience of optism and it said that optimists (= people that think positive) work longer hours, tend to earn and even save more! also optimists are just as likely to divorse as other people BUT they remarry much more often. so you better start thinking positive!

by the way, everything seems to get better for me in the last days! this night i spent on my balcony again (to understand the story read the post harry potter #7 once more) and i stayed dry! No storm!
also you, our readers, make me quite happy. now we have even got our first follower!
and i don´t know if you already saw it but the orange blogger-B up there next to the URL was replaced by our wondaa-cupcake. (not visible on every computer) :)  i hope it´s not too cute&sweet...
(image not owned by me, cuted and designed by pine aple herself)
and on the right you can now see how much pageviews we had in total, see the most popular posts and follow us via e-mail.
Love & Rocketz,
pine aple

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


to all the geeks, nerds and dreamers reading our blog
Guys! I´m outta breath!
it´s so great to see that people all over the world enjoy reading our blog!
we do all in all have 681 pageviews and 342 of them happened last month!
we have audience spread out in the universe (well, at least spread out on the globe).
country -- number of clicks
austria -- 551
germany -- 59
US -- 38
UK -- 19
hungary -- 4
india -- 3
australia -- 2
georgia  --2
denmark -- 1
netherlands -- 1

yes, we really have people reading this in INDIA or AUSTRALIA!!!
thx guys, you make me happy. you are AWESOME!
Love, Rocketz,
pine aple

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bla Bla...!?

so, hi again guys and first of all thank you for the comments. :)
Yeah, holidays have started! (At least around the place i live in) and with the holidays the sun came and with the sun the good summer-songs should have come... but at the moment everything you hear is electro-stuff (wich is no bad thing at all) man, how i miss the cool gituar sounds...
however, enjoy beonc├ęs song up there and stay tuned.
~pine aple

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bruno Mars

I LOVE Bruno Mars........
his songs are breath-taking and funny : )

 1 of my favourite songs is the lazy song.........!
Hope u like it!




Watermelon + Sun + Pool = Perfect

I just <3 to eat watermelons sit in the sun ,go swimming and do nothing!
where I live we have summer-holidays right now............. : )


Harry Potter #7

Gosh... It´s kinda strange to see such a big story as harry potter end. Can you imagine how many people know the meaning of the word hogwarts - even though this isn´t a real word at all?

So the last movie is coming to cinemas on wednesday (at least around the place I live)... But somehow I have the feeling that the Potter-hype got less since twilight appeared... It´s like a silent battle of wizards vs. vampires. however. let´s never forget about those fantastic stories of harry potter.

by the way... guess who decided to sleep on the balcony last night and got woken up 
by a thunderstorm at 1 a.m.?
this freak right here!
(Don´t ask where I got this mad Idea from!)
Well I was lucky that I didn´t get wet at all. :3  
Rockets, Love,
pine aple

Thursday, July 07, 2011


good day!

As comments give us the feeling that ANYONE reads our blog, we would love you to post some.
You can now even do this without havin´a google-account.
First you go to eg.: 2 shout(s)
Then under Choose Identity you choose Anonymous or Name/URL
(at the second one you just fill in your name and leave the gap for the URL empty).
Then ya can comment anything you like!
So now you don´t have any excuse for not-commenting anymore! :)

with help from the Dreamy person

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Hi, guys...
yeah, it´s all around. the glee-fever. and I think I´ve got it as well.
so, even though this kinda belongs to music...I´t somehow seemed right to post this here. :)
so first of all here are some GORGEOUS mash-ups from a glee-episode.
[a mash-up is something like a remix of the best parts/refrains of two songs.]
the first one was sung by the glee-guys (that´s the one I like better) and the second one by the glee-girls.

hope you like it. somehow I even like those songs better than the original.
pine aple

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Intelligence isn´t everything

Yeah, I do wonder myself how I came to this strange title up there... 
 but however here are some very intelligent thoughts.
pine aple

Drama, Baby, Drama²

More stuff for drama fans! :3
Okay... You might like to do this one with a friend. Try to do it without laughing.

You have to look each other in the eyes. Now one person starts.
Say the word 
Simple word, huh?
Now put all your anger in it.
Imagine the person standing opposite of you has just kissed your boy/girlfriend.
Imagine he/she has just tried to push you from a bridge 
or kidnaped you 
so that you missed a very important date.
So, is it still a simple word?

~ pine aple :)

Monday, July 04, 2011

Optical Illusions

Today pine aple and me learned about optical illusions.
it was so interesting that i had to post a video of it!
Hope you enjoy it!!!