Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty Little Colourful Things

Hello World & Wonderland!
how time rushes...i´m sorry that i didn´t post anything last week. i simply was too stressed for a trip to wonderland but now i´m back and i need to keep you guys all up to date.
Well, school life was interesting the last time...and yes, geography, physics, math and french ARE thrilling but there´s a new hype that made my homeroom-class even a little more colourful than before. a little genius from my class started doing a pac-man-monster out of post-it-s some time ago and a few days later we had

inspired by the workers in france we started decorating
our windows and it has gotten more than a hype until now.
it´s like and addiction...even though it´s one of the healthiest ones we ever had ^^

a mega-nyang-cat is planned and i´ll keep you guys up to date concerning our sickness.
pictures taken by pine aple herself, artwork not owned by me

but also other things have been mixing up my life the last days.
Recently Reading
"Bad Girls Don´t Die"- Katie Alender
"Dragondaughter" - Terry Godkind 

Recently Listening to
A thausand Suns - Linkin Park
Almost Alice - Various Artists

Recently Stalking
Paula from BeautifulXDream
Kristy from WickeddChildd

Recently Loving
Indian Hairdresses!!!
Feather Earrings
The stuff from BlackMilk

As I´m enjoying the cheescake I recently made (problem: it fell apart when i tried to cut off a piece)
and looking forward to more hours of studying
i hope you guys have less stress than I do or at least see some silver stripe on the horizon.
Reed ya soon and sorry again for my lack of posting and the stupidness of my grammar/sbellingg.
(a "serious post" with heart and brain is following)
pine aple

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pictures of You

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Hey, Wonderland! Wha´cha doing?
the rapid weather changes that have been "terrorizing" my hometown the last days brought me to my somehow starting theme of my post. because this moment when you open the curtains 
(thanks go to my collegue that was brave enough to do that in school this week)
and the sunlight floods the room is simply wonderful ^^

i realized that all my new years resolutions summed up gave that
and i guess that´s somehow the sense of all our resolutions, isn´t it?

i´m back to usual life again and had quite a good day being friday the 13th. 
i´m also working on a "project" at the moment that i like to call
i´m collecting photographs of faces that inspire me 
and i try to capture the best of them in a little self drawn picture.
the faces i used are not always recognizable but i still really like this way of working and it´s
cool to look at the faces of mila kunis, audrey hepburn, this mysterious girl and other people 
(also friends of mine) closer. oh, and if anyone of you knows some other inspiring face please leave a
comment and tell me so!
and before I finally shut up i gotta recommend this super cute tumblr weblog called
it shows all the gorgeous things of a girl´s life, huge recommendation!

pine aple 
what are you doing, thinking, loving or listening 
to at the moment? leave a comment and tell me ^^

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

~Bonjour Janvier...!

"the art of the disney princess", cherry-muffin-tea, jewelery, cosmetics, aquarell-pencils
Hello World & Wonderland!
a few weeks have passed since my last post (including christmas and new years eve) so here´s a little ketchup catch-up-post ^^ first of all me and sookie want to say thank you to all of you that participated in the christmas-special. that was great fun!

the last weeks i spent reading, drawing, photographing, daydreaming and listening to music. i found that the first few lines of the song "Good Feeling" (FloRida) really give me a good feeling.
other stuff i listen to at the moment:

i also highly recommend the book "The Art of the Disney Pricess" which shows disney princesses in completely new ways. and to be honest, every girl in this world has its own top 3 disney princesses  (mine are belle, tiana and rapunzel ^^). what´s your TOP 3?
greetings go to australia and france which have the pleasure to be the two places where some of my friends are right now and a "thank you" goes downtown to the friend that gave me the fake-snow visibe on the picture on top (it smells horrible but it works).

cooking-love also affected me (again) a week ago. that was when i made my first soufflé:
recipe following...somewhen -.-

stay tuned! 
pine aple
(still the same in 2012 ^^)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

*.* Happy 2012 *.*

We wish u all a very nice and lucky new year !!!!

 2012 we are comming!!! in 2012 we will have new cool stuff on our blog, plz comments as much as you guys do now it makes us sooo happy.!!!!!!!


  the dreamfactory <3