Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The EMAs are coming!

(C) by MTV 2011

Hi wondaaful people out there! 
Bad weather is about to ruin your day?
So what do ya do then? Watch TV! Because on November 6th 2011 a supercool event is coming. The MTV Europe Music Awards.

Bruno Mars, Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jessie J... All of them are nomineed and all of us are to decide WHO gets this years awards.  So go and VOTE for your Star!
The MTV EMAs. 
Sunday 6th of November. 
Live from Belfast, Nothern Ireland. 

The show will be hosted by S-E-L-E-N-A to the GOMEZ, 
who even did a Rap รก la Nicki Minaj for the commercial. 

oh, and before i leave. 
here´s the list of people nomineed for "BEST SONG":
adele-rolling in the deep
bruno mars-grenade
jennifer lopez-on the floor
katy perry-firework
lady gaga-born this way
Cheeerio, Mates!
pine aple

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rescued Wondaa!

As you saw Wonderland wasn´t avaliable for some time because we had some technical problems but now we are officially back to life. We are really sorry for letting you be without us for so long and we hope that you still keep visiting wondaa!So we are posting and blogging just as before and thanks go to Mister X. who helped us.  Don´t forget to comment and stay in contact with WONDERLAND.
~the dreamfactory

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Before I Die

Hi Guys!
Sorry for not showing up the last week. Missed me? I had some health problems but i´m getting better. So I´m back to life and back to Wonderland. Anyway... I found a supercool page on the web and it´s called Before I Die.
It´s absolutely awesome cuz it´s a list of things to do in your live and it´s really inspiring. Just visit it somewhen and see yourself. I swear: IT´S GORGEOUS!

Oh, and by the way: 
thanx for all the comments you left! 
They are getting

pine aple

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Had to be posted!

Heyy it's all know that I love gymnastics ( or not ) since I'm doing gymnastics for half my life I wanted to post a video of me doing something,..BUT I couldn't find any :(....soo I'm gonna post a video of the worlds best gymnasts Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson from the USA!

Nastia won the olympic games 2008.
I'm not as good as them but I'm trying hard....I will make a video of me soon and I will post it in the next week hopefully..!

And tell us what you think about our new design and the Bla Bla Box!
with love sookie

Friday, October 07, 2011

Blogger & the Beast

© MAC - Venomous Villains, 2010
"Rain is only 
Liquid Sunshine
by my music teacher

Uff, another week is done and another autumn rain-session has started but who cares!? Weather doesn´t matter in Wonderland! Anyway... when exploring the web some time ago i found that there is
a disney-make-up-line!
And NO it´s not about disney princesses, it´s disney-bad-boys and bad-girls!
And MAC which did this fashion line together with disney didn´t forget to add my absolutetly favourite bad-boy: 
Dr. Facilier 
from The Princess and the Frog. So, yes my heart is beating faster when i see this guy and his voodo-stuff. But a fact that really impresses me: his fingers are just as long as mine are!!! O_o
© MAC - Venomous Villains, 2010

And as we are just talking about awesome things: Did you recognize the iPod on the left?
I just did a first wondaa-playlist but i want YOU to decide on the songs for the next one. So which tunes do you wanna hear on Wonderland soon? Just wright a comment and tell me! So maybe soon your favourite song will be listenable on Wondaa!
(and if anyone is interested: you can mix your own playlists here.)

So I think this is all I wanted to write (at least that´s everything i remember ^_^).
Don´t drown in your tea and never forget how to get to Wonderland.
~pine aple

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Monday, October 03, 2011

This & That & More

 ------- vespa found at town----------------------------------teatime---------------------------------------------city snapshots-------

Hullo out there (*sniff*)!
At the moment i´m  a.) breathing through my mouth because my nose is buisy with sneezing  b.) premier vegitarian and proud of it  
c.) listening to male versions of someone like you by adele constantly.
uhm...yeah, please don´t ask how i came to the last one but however i really found one dude that puts so much emotion in this song that i just HAD TO upload him.

someone like you by FeelTheMusic9

so, yeah as already mentioned i´ve got an absolutely annoying cold but well...
that´s life. that´s  
oh, and i recently started eating vegie (but i still eat fish)
and i´ll try to hold this as long as possible.
a friend of mine managed half a year.
my mum did about two years... so that are quite big numbers. :)
anyway, read you soon.
stay green,
~pine aple!