Monday, April 09, 2012

Lipbalm & Friends!

Hey there! I would still like to add a little part to the BEAUTY-section of our spring-series and give you an insight into the world of lips. Enjoy!
    especially in the colder seasons it´s rather hard to keep your lips from getting cracked.
    Special "first aid" balms are a must have for everyone that wants to give kisses in the snow.
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    A tinted Lipbalm or a tasty Lip Smacker can be your daily friend and follower. If you use Lip Smacker with aroma make sure it doesn´t smell too artificial before you buy it. Tinted Lip balms can be bought in any colour - from dark red till bronze - but don´t forget they´re just tinting, not totally colouring your lips. Tinted lip balm looks best if it matches your outfit.
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    Tinted Lipgloss gives the impression that "I wear lipgloss, and I´m fab!".
    It gives everyday life a touch of glamour and also looks best when it matches your outfit.
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    Colourless see-through-lipgloss is usually worn over lipstick or just to give your lips a little glitter.
    It´s not as conspicuous as tinted lipgloss and should (just as gloss in general) not be overused.picture credit

    So last here´s the queen of all lips, but killer of kisses.
    Lipstick is rather hard to apply for beginners and is a tiny piece of art. It easily looks blurred,

    but a good way of starting is to wear not so bright colours at the beginning.
    Maybe start with a tone close to your natural lip colour and get more daring with the time.
    A con for wearing bright lipstick: your boyfriend might not like to have the colour all over his face ;)
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    read you soon :)
    xoxo pine aple

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Hey guys, so today will be the FIRST part of our new series 'SPRINGFLING':))
 hope you enjoy!! 


In my opinion everyone is beautyful without make up!I think make up shouldn't hide your imperfections but it should make your good features appear better!!!!
I made some pictures for you all so I hope it will help you!! <3


You should always take care of your body! I like to put lotion on always after I take a bath or a shower!! My favourite one is :From 'the body shop' and it smells like jasmin (soooo good) :}

If your face is read you can buy very inexpensive fountations or concealers!!Over any liquid things you should powder!!!Alverde compact make-up , clinique powder!
And to look more happy add some blush!
Alverde blush in 02 desert rose!


In spring it's always nice to add some color to your eye make-up!
In the drugstore you cam buy EVERY color you would like to have!!!
And your mascara + some eyeliner!





For this spring coral lips are IN!
If you don't like wearing coral you can also wear pink or berry colors,.........
Then add your favourite lipgloss and you are finished!!!


Then put on your favourite body mist and voila
and you are finished and ready for spring!!

                    SOOKIE  <3