Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fashion Confusion

It´s me! And today I´m gonna talk a little about Fashion . 
So at the moment there are two huge trends, that really impress me. 
The first one has to do with hollywoods´neverending summer. 
The RayBan-Fever. 
So because stars even wears sunglasses at night this trend didn´t pass any of them! 
Emma Watson, BeoncĂ©, Rob Pattinson... 
They all wear RayBans. And did you ever google those glasses? 
83.000.000 entries! 
That means the web finds more about RayBan-Sunglasses 
that you can find about Queen Elizabeth II (34.100.000 entries)!

And the second Style i really adore is the 
College-Jackets, Stockings, OXFORD SHOES!!!
That stuff doesn´t fit me but i
wonder how some people seem like they were 
born for those clothes!
So stay green, 
keep on being silly and 
don´t  eat too much pancakes!
pine aple

pictures not owned by the dreamfactory. but found here:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back 2 school..!

Heey guys, I had the idea of posting a video"how to be organized in school"! :p

So I hope u like it and this video is from youtube, I found it when I was searching for videos and I think this is a really helpfull video!!!

                                                                   read you soon ~sookie

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feel Good

Hi wondaaful People!
uh, that was a long week, huh? i think now i´m officially back to school. 
Homework, learning for revisions... oh how i missed these things. ^^
Especially my afternoon lessons keep me being tired in the last time. It seems like i go to bed completely tired and being even more tired when waking up. However after a week full of interesting art-projects, some cold super-market-stuff for meal, long tram-drives and loads and loads of words i´m now looking forward to a weekend of sleeping, gorillaz-music and getting better. Also good thoughts go to the half of my family and the quater of all my friends that caught a cold. Get better soon! ^3^

Oh, and guys! Guess which brilliant movie came out on DVD now!? yes, exactly! it´s

i saw it at the movies and LOVED it. it has this super carneval-holiday-flair! 
So i´m planing to add RiO to my animated-movie collection at least until christmas. 
And, NO, i´m not to old for animated movies! you never are! 
My collection until now consists of Rattatuille 
The Princess and the Frog
and Tangled
I still wanna add a DVD of Despicable Me just because i love this movie. :)
so i leave you with some GORILLAZ-tunez:
So, i wave you goodbye and read you soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

♥Autumns Prelude

"My favourite Fragrance is the way it smells on a 
Autumn-Day in New York"
by andy warhol

autumn-based daydreams
Dear Summer,
I´ll truly miss your hot summer days and short summer-rain-sessions
but to be true... that´s a total lie. 
If seasons were persons my boyfriend would be autumn!
I simply LOVE those foggy mornings, long cozy evenings and those absolutely relaxing thunderstorms. To make it clear: 
i. like. autumn. :3

school-based disorder
oh, and then there´s the thing with school. yes, we are back to school 
but that doesn´t mean that we are back to school life immediately. 
standing up at 6 a.m. and going by bus & tram causes disorder in my mind... 
and in my room. :) Uh... yeah, see it yourself.

manga-based exitement
oh, you cannot imagine how happy i was when i came into my favourite 
bookshop and saw that the doubled the amount of manga-comics they sell! 
for a comic and animation-freak like me this is paradise! ^3^

so i´m off! enjoy the beginning of autumn. 
it will pay off! i leave you with some tunes 
by the swiss band "BOY" (it´s made up of two girls :D).
Stay green, 
pine aple 

photos taken by pine aple. 
"BOY"-picture not owned by the dreamfactory. 
frames from

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And you thought Life is easy

Do you know those days of hanging around at places
you thought they would make you
Do you know  those days of knowing that you are absolutely disappointed and you know that you simply had to
o high expectations?
Do you know those days that want to tell you how beautiful life is but everything you hear seems like a
Do you know those days you want to cry even though  because nothing happened?
Those days that make you wish you had a box around your head that made you invisible?
Those days that make you lay in your bed with your
iPod and the songs
you´ve heard much too often and the book that will reach it´s end much too soon?
Because those days make you human.
Because you know someday
 is going to come
and make those days to the
most beautiful hours of your entire life.
Because you are unique.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


as i wave my holiday goodbye and enjoy my last days as 
"free girl" i´m quite proud to show you some
new sketches of mine.
some time ago i managed to let the fashion-designer in me break through.
and, uh... yeah, here´s the product: some sketches of stuff, that no normal person beside me would wear :) by the way, sorry for the WORST quality of pictures wonderland has ever seen, but it´s not that easy to load up pencil-sketches.
i hope you still like them and i shut up now so you can look at my pictures without being anoyed by my unimportant blabla.
seeya! pine aple.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


How can something wonderful 
like Chocolate be a sin?

just another chocolate-berry-cake

How can something wonderful 
like Chocolate NOT be a sin?


pine aple
pictures (C) by pine aple

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Some thougts of mine.!

When your stressed you eat ice cream,cake,chocolate & sweets.!
WHY? because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS! :D

A friend is the person who knows all about you and still loves you <3

Everybody has a weekness,
but I have 2 everything you say & do!


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

BrainFood 2

Here are the promised Photos from the "BrainFood"-Post.

by pine aple

Summer Memories

Oh, damn... What a summer!
I did soo much and saw such a lot and, gosh, there is so much to tell, but pictures are my favourite language. (yes, i know i spelled that word wrong. -.-)
So i collected loads of photographs (more than twohundren just since augusts´begining) and some of them i HAVE TO share here.

Frozen rasberries, Sunsets, oversized Playmobil-Figures and loads of Makros (makro = opposite of mikro). There´s a little bit of everything. :) And a tiny part of them are visible here. If anyone is interested in more pics, please just tell me via a comment, okay?

So finally summer is nearly over, and because nothing happens to be forgotten here are some songs that will always remind me of this summer.

Seeya, Kisses,
pine aple

all of these photos got taken on different different moods but none of them is here to be copied.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Ten things to do in your Life

1. Love someone

2. Drown in your own sorrow

3. Stand up again and start living

4. Tell someone you need him without crying

5. Just have fun!

6. Fail.

7.Eat sweets ´till you think you forgot about HIM.


8. Make your dreams come true.

9. Forget about the money.

Fotos do Mural

10. Find your way to Wonderland.


pictures from
by pine aple and a very special girl that should´t be named here.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Moves like jagger ♥

Moves like jagger from maroon 5 ft christina Aguilera is my favourite song ever! : )
Cuz Christina Aguiler  is my favourite singer.!
Hope u like it 2 !
~sookie ♥


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We are really happy that all of u guys still read our blog!

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