Friday, December 09, 2011


We had a wondaaful time since we started this blog in may. 
But as Wonderland celebrates its first christmas 
here is a little present to all our followers. 
If you click here you´ll get to
Here you can leave your own unique "tree decoration".
With every piece of deco you place, you give a view into what you enjoyed this year.
It doesn´t have to do anything with Wonderland or christmas (even if that would be cool). It´s just NOT allowed to contain any unsafe content. You can decorate the tree with any 
video, website, picture, text, poem or blog you like.

standart deco-ball
(C) by pine aple

Step 1:
click on ..shout(s) underneath this post and go to post comment

Step 2:
enter the link/text you want your deco to lead to
and  the colour you want

Step 3:
enter your nickname at 
choose identity - Name/URL 

a few days later your comment will be deleted and your deco will be hung up. 
if you then click on one piece of deco you will be linked to the surprise this person prepared.
a pictured explaination will follow and we hope that until christmas the tree will be 
completely overload.
we (sookie and pine aple) will also hang up our own decoration... 
the only difference is that our deco is a little fancier...!

sookies fancy V.I.P.-ball
(C) by pine aple
so, everyone can hang up as much as he/she wants! and everyone that visits 
Wonderland can see all the surprises that the christmas_balls hide.
Read you soon,
the dreamfactory

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Heeeeyyyyoooooo <3
Okay guys,
I might be the stupidest person in the universe..SO LET'S START : I'M sorry for.. That I didn't post ANYTHING , because I had lots of tests ,exams and homework  (we all do)!!!
And I had nearly every weekend a competition!!

Now a vid of me ( there will be more..;P)

p.s. I can do it on the high beem now!!!

  Stay wondaawoMEN!!
 thxx to al l of u guys we love u so much!
love dreamfactory!
sookie ;D


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Once biten and twice shy. 
I keep my Distance 
and you still catch my Eye."
wham_last christmas

oh, christmas! stokings, shivers and snow...!
while i´m posting here wearing a superwarm sweater outside natural snow touches the ground for the very first time! i can tick off two of four points from my winter-list (see "Guide for this Winter") and i´m super active on we_heart_it again. ^^
so to get you into the mood for the upcoming christmas time i´m gonna overload you with christmas~goodies.

a super new christmas_playlist over there -->
featuring three versions of last christmas, two versions of all i want for christmas is you, jason mraz, glee, florence + the machine, big time rush, miranda cosgrove, justin bieber (sorry haters -.-°), train and others. so click play, listen and get a super-cozy christmasfeeling.

you can be looking forward to a christmas-special...coming soon
we´ve got a brand-new holiday-like snow-background. hope you like it!
feedback please as a comment!

"But if you kissed me now i know you´d fool me again"

So enjoy the days before christmas
and stay tuned for our big holiday-post!
pine aple