Friday, November 25, 2011

Guide for this Winter

Booo! Hello World & Wonderland
Before i rush of to study for my french test on wednesday (wish me the best!) i´ll take some time for explaining how i plan to get through winter. it had the first snow of the year in my hometown. And allthough it´s industry-snow that makes us all shiver we enjoy that taste of nature.

So here are some tips for this winter so you don´t drift into unhappiness.
  1. Visit a Christmas-Market
    with your friends. Drink some tea, have some biscuits... there´s sure a market like this around.
  2. Bake biscuits yourself.
    Try out new stuff or use the way your granny did it. Then let friends and family be your experiment-guinny-pig.
  3. Go outside!
    You don´t have to make snowball fights or build snowmans. Yust take a walk and maybe take some pictures to look at later.
  4. Make a movie night.
    invite the girls/guys, make a sleepover and watch your favourite movies together.
So share your personal tips in writing comments!
pine aple

Saturday, November 19, 2011


(C) by toeiie
 hullo wondaaful people!
at the moment i´m absolutely busy with preparing presentations, 
making posters, reading books, writing essays and doing other stuff for school. 
but as i am a full-time-dreamer i found the time for a new post. hope you enjoy.

 so i made a little collection of people that share their ideas through the web.
i want to start off with an amazing lady called Toeiie. she´s got her own tumblr-blog 
and the pictures she posts are simply wonderful.

person no.2 is a genius that calls himself Paint. He makes super funny (singing-) videos where he accompanies himself. you might know him from Harry Potter in 99 Seconds.
(C)by paint

the last one is a duet called YUMYUM and that calls london its home. they make designer-toys, videos and much more. they also directed Paralell Parking.

so stay tuned and show us your favourite webpages!
pine aple

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wazzzup, Belfast!?

Before the actual post starts i need to give my feelings words in a short text.
Lady GaGa-Fans better not read on.
Dear Lady GaGa. Yes, you are a blessed singer/songwriter but why can´t you share your awards with the other fascinating women of this planet? I´m talking ´bout Adele and BĂ©once. They were nomineed for Best Song, Best Video, Best Female and more... But those awards went to Ms. GaGa... Yes I do like your music and No, i don´t like the hat you wore but i was simply dissapointed.
The real post starts here:

"Hey Belfaaaast! Make some Noise!"
that´s the sentence that came out of the mouths of  David Hasselhoff, Jessie J and David Guetta.
and Belfast MADE some noise.
it was a party of the hihger class and here´s what happened:
Acts i enjoyed the most:
Jessie J
Red Hot Chillipeppers
David Guetta, Ludacris, Taio Cruz, Jessie J
Grade for Selena Gomez´Hosting:
Grade for General Mood:

So, i have to say, that SelGomez didn´t do her job bad at all but....well,
for me she also wasn´t the absolute WOW. but this WOW came out when the nominees for "best song" (born this way) were shown... For the people that didn´t see the show: the guest-host for best song got some
naked new friend. :)))

I also really enjoyed the moments with Jessie J onstage because she spreads this awesome good feeling. In my eyes she would also be a good host for the next mtv-event. I was absolutely touched when Jessie started talking about Amy. Amy Whinehouse. And it was so damn wonderful when this man said:
"Her songs were quite a good friend of mine."
So as an ending I have to say that
this years EMAs were just as LMFAO said in five words:
L... M... F... A... O...
pine aple

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Winter Spirits ... in Fall?

A lot of fruit-tea, photographing and sleeping brought me through this long halloween weekend wich lasted until thursday for me. So right now they sky is changing into a undefinable grey and i´m looking forward to another chillax-weekend.

As i havent posted something for quite a long time here´s a quick update:
I recently... this blog: Toeiie
...listen to this song: Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks
...draw nothing because of a non-creativity-break this book: Linger by Maggie Stievfater

Anyway, as already mentioned on sunday the emas go on air and sookie is still preparing her amazing gym-video so you wondaa-fans have a lot to wait for.
When we´re actually talking about waiting... Is it just me or did you also recognize that CHRISTMAS is already on its way? Just go to town and look around. That´s crazy, isn´t it?
If people start looking forward to christmas now, what will they do in december!???

so stay tuned!
pine aple

pictures  taken by pine aple.