Friday, March 08, 2013

looooong time no see:*

we are SOOOOOO sorry for not posting we just didn't have a lot of time:(

i just wanted to ask if any of you are little mix fns (mixers)

they are the first girl-band to win the x-factor (2011)
i <3 them all! you shoud totally check them out;)

oh and today my class finished our macbeth performances for the 6th time:)so proud!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

I've been loving listening to music, and i wanted to share some of my favourites:*

1. I Knew You Were Trouble -Taylor Swift <3
2.Your Body -Christina Aquilera<3
3.Live While We Are Young -One Direction<3
4.Sail -Awolnation<3
5.Take It Off -Akon<3
6.Paradise -Katy Sky<3

Those are some of my favourite songs,if you have different favs just tell us in the comments :DD

                                           Computer-hugs sookie:***

Monday, August 20, 2012

I was here, I am human.

i know this comes late and I know some people are waiting for a proper post but this is so inspiring..

Beyonce - ‘I Was Here’ for World Humanitarian Day.Let this campaign inspire you to make your mark on the world in the best way possible; by helping others. Such a simple task is so wonderfully effective in changing our world and making it a more positive, beautiful place to live.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear 16-year-old Me

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kickstart Summer..!

Hey, fancy!
This it just an inspiration post, nothing too meaningful
but something to push you into summer even when the weather is bad. ~enjoy :)

by pine aple

What´s your style and who d´you listen to? - Who cares?
-Foster the People
 California | Alex Greenwald Live

so I leave you with this for now.. oh, and
pine aple

Monday, May 28, 2012

.Frozen and Foolish.

Hey there,
my Wild Ones!
Summer love is taking over and just as the trees are starting to get even greener young people go outside again. And after a long outside fun-session todays youth likes to go and get fresh! Or as we experience every year again: frozen!
So for all iced maniacs and creamy hipsters here´s the top3 of my get-fresh-list:

3rd place: Back to the Roots
The classics (sorbets and simple icecreams) are still awesome but even here I like some fresh wind such as the lime-sorbet my local supermarket offers quite cheap. Also the basic "chocolate and vanilla"-flair can be a little changed and made special. A chocolate store downtown for example offers high-quality-choc-cream or the so-called "ice-dealer" offers black waffles instead of the basics. Ben&Jerry´s and Co. are still nice even though I think they´re often priced too high.

2nd place: Shake it Up!
"Frozen Chocolate" is the name. The name of the shake I enjoy again and again at the coffeeshop however it is everything but cheap. Slushies are the stuff all my friends went crazy for already years ago but i cant really enjoy the icecold fluid giving me brainfrosts
 But as most of you might already know Bubble Tea is THE thing this summer. The teavolution from asia is actually milktea with "bubbles" and I have to agree that I kinda fell for these bubbly thingies too.

1st place: Softly Frozen
So my first place goes to Frozen Yoghurt and Soficecream. And when I talk about softicecream I dont mean the "Cornetto"-stuff you get in the zoo but yoghurt- or milk-softicecream with fresh fruit and nuts.
The fruit and the nuts are also a reason I really like the new trend of frozen yoghurt. Also I dont have to worry about the icecream being all over my face after eating.

Do you guys have special fresh favourites? Or what are you planning to do outdoors this summer? Share the love and leave a comment!

pine aple