Sunday, October 21, 2012

I've been loving listening to music, and i wanted to share some of my favourites:*

1. I Knew You Were Trouble -Taylor Swift <3
2.Your Body -Christina Aquilera<3
3.Live While We Are Young -One Direction<3
4.Sail -Awolnation<3
5.Take It Off -Akon<3
6.Paradise -Katy Sky<3

Those are some of my favourite songs,if you have different favs just tell us in the comments :DD

                                           Computer-hugs sookie:***


V.I.P. said...

yay it's christmas time..and christmas time is wondaa time!!!?!?! <3

Anonymous said...

i like awolnation really much but my favorit is - kill your heroes
right now i like listening to
butterfly by supergrass
i know its kinda elderly fashioned but whatsoever

your blog is very interesting (:

V.I.P. said...

@Anonymous this blog was so cool some time ago but the two girls who made it grew older and they dont have a lot of time to post things's a bit sad i think, i still often come here to see wether there's something new..but it's not. they used to post something every week. i hope they'll come back..

Anonymous said...

oh thats sad..
well puberty takes its turnes everywhere