Thursday, March 29, 2012

New project

We are going to be making a new project ,a series its going to be about  health beauty food/snack and fashion let us know in the comments if you would like to see more like this!!
    XOXO the dremfactory

Monday, March 19, 2012

Of Flowers and Lies!

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Oh, what a day!
 It seems like I´m back to life!
Spring is here, and I hope it came to stay :)
what I totally love about this years spring are the floral prints!
Je t´aime le vetements avec de fleurs! I´m not so much the person wearing it but I´d like some accsesoires featuring flowers... Anyway, In the last time there´s one person that´s so (in)famous and there´s no way around her anymore.
Lana Del Rey.
To be serious most of my friends hate her,
 but as I´m trying to be honest; here´s MY opinion:
So, first, Lana Del Rey is no real person. Well, just as much as pine aple is. Elizabeth Lizzy Grant built up an art-figure called Lana and it seems like it worked quite well. Lizzys music is one thing, Lanas image another, but you see, that´s not so far away from what sookie and me are doing.
Sookie and Pine Aple are no persons. They are our web-identity.
We gave them a name, an image and opinions but different to Del Rey we didn´t give
them a face to discuss about or a voice to judge about.
So, personaly I do not dislike her studio records. They´re not so much my style but they´re
actually not that bad at all. BUT: Lana Del Rey as the art-project to me is terribly interesting and well done.
your opinion? get talking & leave a comment :)

 Oh, and one of the dreamers left a comment and gave a recomendation on the
Pretty Little Liars - books and I need to say that they make addicted. Thanks for the tip!
The funny thing is it seems like I have a bit of all the characters inside me.
Aria, the different (my fav); Spencer, the achiever; 
Emily, the shy swimmer and even Hanna, the "social"...
Anyone read the books/followed the liars on tv?

Stay Green!
pine aple

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Beauty

it´s after midnight which means it´s officially your birthday! 
happy birthday sookie
stay the way you are and never loose the dreamer inside you!
best wishes, wondaa forevaa,
pine aple & the dreamers

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hey there, World and Wonderland!
Right after "Carpe Diem" I got up around 7 o´clock this morning and finished the 
Madeleines for which i had to do the batter the day before. 
Anyway before that I need to say something to sookies last post about KONY 2012. Movies like that are there to think about. Being blind and just seeing black and white unfortunately doesn´t help.
So I´ll start of with a little nonsense theme:

yes, i did think about this fact and really figured out some true positive aspects of being a movie figure ;) 

1. If i was a good person I would be pretty!
just think of all the Princesses, think of Alice (she´s somehow cute, isn´t she?), 
Tinkerbell or Nala from the Lion King.

2. If I was evil I´d have a crazy laugh!
even better than being pretty...

3. Every sad moment would be followed by a happy second!

4. I´d have my own soundtrack!
And if something bad was about to happen I´d know in advance ;)

5. Love would always find its way!

6. Magic existed 
(at least in the disney movies I watch...)

So, as I have annoyed you enough with stuff like that here´s my weekend-project: Madeleine-Muffins :D as my blogger-friend from Nerdsworld asked me for a Recipe for Madeleines I tried one out and on the right you can see the result! It wasn´t that hard at all and they don´t taste as much like the cookies of the evil side as the stuff I normaly bake does.
But as I don´t own any Madeleine-pan I did them in mini-pans for pralines or mini-muffins... so it´s my variation of Madeleines Classiques but it´s the same thing :)

here´s what you need, the full recipe from smitten kitchen you can find here. 
Classic Madeleines [Madeleines Classiques]
Adapted from Patisserie Lerch, via Paris Sweets
105 grams all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon double-acting baking soda
2 large eggs, at room temperature
100 grams sugar
Grated zest of 1 lemon
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
70 grams unsalted butter, melted and cooled

got something to say about food, disney or the rest of your life?
cheer me up - leave a comment
pine aple

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

KONY 2012



sookie <3 hope and peace for OUR world!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

~Spring Awakening!

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design by pine aple
Oh, lord, finally spring made its first breakthrough (at least around the place I live in)
and that is such a blessing! I nearly forgot what a good feeling it is to stand in the sun. To see grass. To hear birds...!
Most of my friends already know but still i need to mention it again: Last Wednesday my art class spent an hour outside at a university park drawing trees and...i fell in love. I fell in love with a terribly cute couple sitting near me. They actually distracted me from my tree all the time but they had something so nice that i kept watching them all the time :) yeah, well, don´t call me creepy...they put a spell on me ;D

So as spring´s about to arrive that means: spring fashion collections, sunshine, 
(for me:) spending free lessons on the balcony or on the famous "sun-stairs".

For the picture enthusiasts under you here´s a sunnny blog:
And for people that need some sunshine-tunes:

and if you still don´t feel warm go and watch "HOLES" 
with young Shia LaBeuf and start sweating ;)
another possibility is doing something with friends. Personally i´m planning to catch up with the world of cinema which means going to the movies and see "the artist" as soon as it´s available ´round here
and meeting with a friend to finally see "LOL". another awesome idea is hanging out outside :)
when the weather is nice just go outside, take a walk and come home with some photographs or meet
with the girls and have a picnic!
-Madeleines (anyone not know what that is?)
-Sandwiches :D
-A pretty Blanket
-Some Kind of Music

and when there´s rain, why not picnic inside a mall 
or take a walk with your invisible dogs and an umbrella?
so what are you looking forward to this spring? what are you gonna do?
pine aple