Thursday, July 07, 2011


good day!

As comments give us the feeling that ANYONE reads our blog, we would love you to post some.
You can now even do this without havin´a google-account.
First you go to eg.: 2 shout(s)
Then under Choose Identity you choose Anonymous or Name/URL
(at the second one you just fill in your name and leave the gap for the URL empty).
Then ya can comment anything you like!
So now you don´t have any excuse for not-commenting anymore! :)

with help from the Dreamy person


Dreamy person said...

I was the first one !!!!!
I was the first one !!!!!
(Who noticed it)

pine aple said...

I noticed! :)

Toeiie said...

Hey! I'm toeiie, from
thanks for visiting my blog I just found your weheartit and this blogspot (sorry for a super late) lol btw, you have a lovely blog hunny I just bookmarked it, nice work! /from your fan!;)

pine aple said...

toeiie is here! on wonderland!
oh, wow! you have no idea how amazed i was whe seing your name over that comment! i LOVE your blog and you are like a web-model for me...thank you for your nice feedback. uh, i forgot to add your page to the links...(just happened ^^)
i´m still outta breath so i better shut up before i say something stupid...! anyway, thank you. you´re gorgeous!

p.s.: did you see there´s even a post about your page?

Anonymous said...

Dear sookie,

wish you all the best on your very special day - 13th of this month.

as you are very special - stay as you are and "enjoy life"

your oida