Monday, June 11, 2012

Kickstart Summer..!

Hey, fancy!
This it just an inspiration post, nothing too meaningful
but something to push you into summer even when the weather is bad. ~enjoy :)

by pine aple

What´s your style and who d´you listen to? - Who cares?
-Foster the People
 California | Alex Greenwald Live

so I leave you with this for now.. oh, and
pine aple


V.I.P. said...

oohh..when did you take the first picture?

Anonym-Identity said...

I havent been here for a loooooong time. Now be HAPPY cause i'm back! :D (you dont have to.. :P)

Anonym-Identity said...

The video is lovely!!

pine aple said...

hey there :)
no, i AM happy to have you classy back home. i love the video too and to little v.i.p: i took the pic some weeks ago on a family trip. the quality just fell to zero in some misterious way..

V.I.P. said...

@anonym-identity: oh yes we r glad u r back to wondaa...

@pineaple:yes the quality is not so good but the picture is still awesome!
and that really did inspire me!! we are taught to br stupid...

V.I.P. said...

waiting for a new post.. :(